My Blog Audit

How many posts did you write? I have wrote 11 post on my blog. How many were school based, your own interests or set by the challenge?  School Based- 4 Post My own Interest- 4  Set by Challenge-3 How many comments did you receive from classmates, teachers or overseas students? 8 All Together Which post received … [Read more…]

My New Pet

           To the right of this post (The sidebar) you can see my new pet Kevin! Kevin is a virtual pet for my blog. I chose this certain dog because I thought it was really cute and good at listening.            The way I got Kevin on … [Read more…]

My Voki

I have made my blog a Voki. My Voki is my blogs guard dog, if someone tries to use something from my blog like a post my Voki will go mess up their blog. My Voki also teaches people about usage rights. Visit my Voki here. Below is a picture of my friends Voki.

American Food

     Some people may think American food is weird or looks funny and doesn’t taste good,but according too Americans everything is good here and taste absolutely delicious, Really try for yourself. I, myself love the food here in america. Below is a picture of a cheese burger with it is a link to a … [Read more…]

My Jigsaw Puzzle

Above is the picture I used to make may jigsaw puzzle. The web sight I used is the reason why I chose this picture is because the dirt makes it confusing and I like softball. If you want to play my jigsaw puzzle you can go to my blog and click on the widget.

New Technology

        Is new technology always good?Sometimes new technology is great but sometimes it’s not.  Technology has grown to be more powerful over the years but in some ways it’s just bad, and in other ways it’s good.         In the ways it is good when technology started out many … [Read more…]